Jamie VanBuhler

 Hello there!

A few things about me:

I'm always smiling,

I'm highly motivated,

and I LOVE what I do!

Besides a photographer:

I'm a mama,

dog lover, chicken raising, vegitable growing adventurer

Meet ECHO!

She's trained to be a therapy dog, so I can volunteer with her. Sometimes Echo joins me on photo shoots with established clients. She is a fun photographers assistant- my right hand gal who makes all the kiddos smile.

Although I resided in Bothell, WA for over a decade, I travel often!

I book photo sessions in 6 states yearly:

WA, OR, CA, CO, MI, Kaua'i (HI)

I've been blessed to experience growing LIFE within


Now I'm a mother to a beautiful baby boy

For 2019, my family has chosen a nomadic life and will be traveling throughout the United States. 

To stay up to date on where we are and what we are up to, follow us on Instagram @ vanthompson_family 

I am welcoming photo session bookings wherever we go!

For my professional work, you can follow VisualLife Photography on Instagram @ jvb_visuallifephoto

Jamie VanBuhler

VisualLife Photography


EMAIL: jamie@jvanbuhler.com

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